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Team Building and Leadership

Lift Your Team Spirit with Thrilling Outdoor Challenges!

Boost your team or classroom with Wildside Outdoors' Team Building and Leadership Outdoor Activity Sessions! Choose between half-day or full-day sessions filled with activities designed to improve communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Navigate challenging rope courses, tackle strategic problem-solving tasks, and bond over outdoor adventures. Set in a natural environment, each activity aims to make your team stronger and more cohesive. Get ready for a memorable experience in the great outdoors!

Mini Outdoor Activity Session (1-2 Hours)

Rates from

$ 30 per person*

Part Day Outdoor Activity Session (3-4 Hours)

Rates from

$ 50 per person*

Full Day Outdoor Activity Session (6 Hours)

Rates from

$ 80 per person*

*Cost is calculated based on group sizes of 30-40 people. Actual cost may vary depending on actual size of group

Key Activities & Features

  • Exciting Outdoor Challenges

  • Skill Building

  • Customisable Programs

  • Beautiful Outdoor Setting

  • Expert Team

  • Memorable Experiences

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Fun in the great outdoors!

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Strengthen your team with our engaging and challenging team building and leadership programs. Perfect for schools, corporate groups, and community organisations.

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