Outdoor Education
Wild Side Outdoors offers a range of Outdoor Education Programs for staff & students.
Whether it be a one hour instructional or experience session or an extended journey into the wilderness, we can design a program for you.
We provide staff, equipment and a planning and a support service that teachers of all levels of experience will find extremely helpful.


V.C.E. Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies.

V.C.A.L. Programs.

V.E.T. Programs.

Introductory & Advanced Outdoor Education.

Adventure Activity Experiences.

Adventure Activity Instruction.

Staff Professional Development.


V.C.E. Outdoor & Environmental Studies

The use of Adventure Activities is the ideal way for students to learn about Ourtdoor Environments and the relationships that humans have had with them over time and the relative impacts the relationships have led to.
We have programs that focus on the key outcomes for each of the four units of study:-
Unit 1 - Understanding Nature.
Unit 2 - Environmental Impacts.
Unit 3 - Relationships with Outdoor Environments.
Unit 4 - The Future of Natural Environments.

We plan programs so that students can discover and investigate sites that exemplify key outcomes for each unit.They can observe first hand the impacts of specific activities and gain an understanding and appreciation of the realtionships that different groups have had with the outdoors both from an historical perspective and from a contemporary viewpoint.

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Our VCAL Programs are specifically designed to foster the development of the personal skills related to leadership, teamwork, decision making, initiative and responsibility as well as providing the opportunity for each individual to experience a sense of achievement.
Programs can be part, full or multiday in duration and can vary in terms of the level of adventure and activity involved.
Our "Race Across Sunraysia" Program is ideal for VCAL students and can be specifically designed to suit the nature of the group by combining a wide range of activities that demand that each group draw on all the skills and knowledge they have at their disposal.

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Our V.E.T. Programs provide training and assessment in a range of adventure activities and related components.
Individual training and assessment sessions can be designed to suit your program and the level that the students are at or alternatively, training and assessment can be delivered in a camp or expedition type forum.
If you prefer to do the training, we are qualified to simply assess the performance of the students!


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Introductory & Advanced Outdoor Education.

Introductory Outdoor Education Programs provide an introduction to skills related to specific adventure activities, minimal impact camping, equipment use, safety, planning & preparation as well as an understanding of natural environments. Programs can vary from a multi day base camp with instructional sessions, lead up skill sessions followed by a camp activity or simply a series of skill development sessions. (Example semester program: 3 x 1hr canoeing instructional sessions, 1 x half day orienteering exercise, 1 x half day canoe tour followed up by a 2 day journey involving canoeing & bushwalking).

Advanced Outdoor Education Programs are part, full or multi day experiences that are designed to extend the participant's skill and knowledge. Designed to provide challenging experiences in whichever activity they choose, Advanced Programs will provide participants with a memorable journey whether it be an extended bushwalk in Victoria's spectacular Alpine Region, a climbing excursion to Mt. Arapiles or a canoeing expedition along the mighty Murray River.
Options for Advanced Programs are as endless as the memories they provide!

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Adventure Activity Experiences.

Utilising relatively safe environments, Adventure Activity Experiences provide an opportunity for participants to enjoy an activity with a minimal amount of instruction. Sessions may be from one hour to a full day in length and are a great introduction to adventure activities and recreation in natural and semi natural environments.
From our base we offer experience sessions for canoeing, kayaking, bushwalking, orienteering and mountain bike riding.
Sessions for activities such as rock climbing & abseiling, surfing, sea kayaking, snow skiing and a range of aother activities can be arranged as part of a camp program.

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Adventure Activity Instruction.

Instructional sessions develop each student's skill base and their awareness of safety factors, working towards a level of performance where they can participate in an activity under more challenging and demanding circumstances.
Sessions can be run independently, as a series separate from a camping activity or alternatively incorporated into camp programs.
From our base we offer Instructional Sessions for canoeing, kayaking, bushwalking, orienteering, mountain bike riding, minimal impact camping and stove use. Sessions for activities such as rock climbing & abseiling, white water canoeing, surfing, snow skiing and a range of other activities can be arranged as part of a camp program.

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Staff Professional Development.

Taking groups into the Outdoors requires a special range of skills and knowledge that can often only be developed through a range of experiences and learning from others. At the very minimum staff are required to be skilled enough to look after the welfare of others in a dynamic and often challenging environment.
We provide Professional Development opportunities for staff through Adventure Activity Experiences, Adventure Activity Instruction and through special programs that deal with organisational and logistical issues such as group and risk management.

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