Wild Side Outdoors Privacy Policy.

Wild Side Outdoors acknowledges the privacy of information collected, as part of its activity-booking program is a serious issue. The Privacy Act, 1988 establishes a set of National Privacy Principles that set out how the private sector organizations should collect, use, secure and disclose personal information. Wild Side Outdoors Privacy Policy fully supports and adopts the National Privacy Principles. It is important for clients to understand the collection of this information and its use form an integral part of the Wild Side Outdoors Emergency Response Plan.

  The following policy applies to all Wild Side Outdoors activities.

  Policy Statement

  The primary purpose of Wild Side Outdoors obtaining information is in relation to its use in case of emergency or accident. Wild Side Outdoors will take all reasonable steps to protect personal information from misuse or unauthorised disclosure.

  Implementation Strategies

  The following procedures will be employed to assist with implementation of the Privacy Policy:-


·      Information obtained to accessed by Wild Side Outdoors staff directly involved with an activity and only then in the event of an emergency or accident.

·      Personal information will be destroyed immediately following an activity or program.

·      Only information related to the safety of clients and that required in the case of emergency or accident will be collected.

·      Only fair and lawful ways will be used to collect information.

·      At the time of collection, the client will be made aware of why it is necessary to collect this information, who else may use it and any other specified matters.

·      Information that may be deemed by a reasonable person to be of a sensitive nature will not be collected.

·      Information collected will be used for the primary purpose of implementation of the Wild Side Outdoors Emergency Response Plan.

·      Information provided may also be used for a purpose that is within reasonable expectation relating to an emergency or accident. Subject to your consent, this may include providing the information to medical personal, police or emergency services.

·      Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the personal information collected is reliable, accurate and up to date.


For more information relating to our Privacy Policy, Contact Wild Side Outdoors.


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